how to set from field

I use FP 98 and want to send a form to email using action="_vti_bin/shtml.dll/test.htm"

How can I set the from field of the e-mail I receive.

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zs6phdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can get your ISP / server administrator to install AspMail ( then you have a lot more flexibility.  The following code sample will give you an idea:

Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")
Mailer.FromName   = "Joe’s Widgets Corp."
Mailer.FromAddress= ""
Mailer.RemoteHost = ""
Mailer.AddRecipient "John Smith", ""
Mailer.Subject    = "Great SMTP Product!"
Mailer.BodyText   = "Dear Stephen" & VbCrLf & "Your widgets order has been processed!"
if Mailer.SendMail then
  Response.Write "Mail sent..."
  Response.Write "Mail send failure. Error was " & Mailer.Response
end if

This approach allows you complete control over the process, and restricts it to exactly what you want to achieve.  The mail server need not be anywhere close to your web server!

When the FP webbot that sends form results to an e-mail address, it is actually the server that does the mailing.  So as far as I know, there isn't a way to configure the "From" address that is listed in the e-mail being delivered to the configured address.

Perhaps there is a CGI script you can use to perform the same function that would allow the ability to configure the from address.  But I haven't ever really tried that, so I can't tell you if that exists or not.  My guess is that it would be rather difficult to change that regardless.  It would be the same thing as you changing the from address on your outgoing e-mail without getting your ISP involved.

That's probably not the answer your looking for, so what exactly are you trying to do?  Maybe there is another option.  The from addresses that I get responding from form pages are a little wierd, but I've configured my mail browser to filter those messages into special mail folders for easy retreval.

If that doesn't help, perhaps some more information on exactly what your trying to acomplish would help determine another route to get where your trying to get.

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