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Description : I am looking for the clustering solution for LDAP servers. Pls let me know that what are the requirements for the clustering of intel based servers with linux as the OS.

Also let me know that my solution is correct or not, which is--- . Two intel based servers  having two NIC card in each server. One NIC card will be connected to the LAN switch/Hub and other will be connected to the second server directly. Aslo raid storage will be used between the two servers which will be connected tho' SCCI ports.
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Clustering generally requires two net cards per machine.  Both machines connect to the hub and also to each other. Clustering is about high availability, peripheral sharing, and load balancing.  I have heard god things about TurboLinux's approach.  Good luck.
TuboLinux's approach and RedHat's pirhanah approach are both
low-quality, as they simply took the work of the Linux-Virtual-Server team and rushed it to market.  Neither
solution is mature enough for production, especially not TurboLinux's.  I recommend consulting the excellent documentation at www.linuxvirtualserver.org that'll tell you everything you need to know.  

You'll need 3 machines, two as the LDAP servers, and a low-end machine to act as the load balancer.
pankaj012797Author Commented:
Thanks to all

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