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I have one hard drive partioned its drive letters are C: and D:. D: is compressed and its host drive is X:, i also have a cd-rom drive on E:. Now i want to add a small hard drive for mp3's without changing my cd-rom letter because of previously installed programs i have win95.
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Assuming you are using Win 9X OS, you won't be able to assign anything but E: to a new hard drive.  Logical devices such as CDROMS's, Zip Drives, Tape backups and other devices supported only thru software will always be assigned letters after hard drives.  

If you have a small enough boot drive that you feel the need to compress the second partition on it, I suggest it may be time to get one bigger drive rather than add another small one.  An 13.6 GB drive will only run you $105 and used ones are avaialable for even less.  Then you could replace the original drive with one larger split into two partitions.

Another point to consider would be to bite the bullet and move the CDROM to a higher letter now.  This will give you expansion room in the future for other devices.  In "Device Manager" you can select what drive letter you want it to be (after the hard drives).  give yourself room by choosing L:, M:, N: or so on.  Since you will probably need to do this some time anyway, might as well do it now.  One warning - If you will be hooking up to a network, review the network drive configurations to make sure you don't overlap.

Good luck

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