Opening Adobe Acrobat in a Web Browser and being able to use the File Save option

When you open a pdf file in a web document, the browser opens Adobe Acrobat inside the browser to read it.  When this happens, a little save icon becomes available in the Adobe toolbar, however, the File Save command in the standard toolbar is no longer available.
Is there a way to make the File Save option available still?  Perhaps by forcing the browser to actually open the Adobe software outside of a browser?

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I'm relatively sure you can configure Adobe Acrobat to open outside the browser (although I am not exactly sure how it is done), but, what would you gain from that.  Presumably, what you want to do is to save the PDF file, and that is accomplished from the Adobe menu bar.  Opening Acrobat outside the browser would mean that the File, Save option on the browser would be in relation to the document which called the PDF file, not the PDF file itself.

I am confident that there is no way to open Acrobat outside the browser and use the browser toolbar to save the file.


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If it's correct the webpage opens the PDF-file into the webbrowser (only IE)
and the program is launched at the taskbar.

Check if the document can be saved trought the program.

The file is not loaded in the program, but maybe can open the file instead from the cache and save it...

Check also if the document is in the cache and can be opened...
Nell052699Author Commented:
Thanks for the information.  I'm not quite sure why my manager wants it to look that way, but I think he will just have to settle for  second best!
You're most welcome.

Good luck with your manager.

Happy Holidays,

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