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Sharing Computers

What does it take to connect an IMac to another Macintosh computer? I am new to the Mac world and I am a little confused by the jargon on the Macs. I know what it takes to connect Windows 95/98 machines. What is the corallary?

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The same applies to PC as to mac. An ethernet cable (crossover) or 2 regular ethernet cables and an ethernet hub. All the file sharing software is already installed. Once theyre connected, choose ethernet as your network interface, set up filesharing on one of the macs, open your network browser, select the others HD, mount it, thats it.
RayColeAuthor Commented:
I understand the two ethernet cables and the hub, but I do not understand what is meant by the ethernet crossover cable. Is this a single cable between the two computers, or what is it?

Secondly I do not understand the terminology in the last part of the answer. Instructions were to "open the network browser, select the others HD, mount it, thats it." What does the term "mount it" mean in this context?

Thanks for the answer.
Ok there are two ways to connect 2 computers.

1) Use an ethernet crossover cable which is a special ethernet cable that negates the use of a hub. It goes straight between the two computers. This only works for 2 computers.

2) Use 2 ethernet cables and a hub.

Now "open the network browser". The network browser is an application in your apple menu. It will show all the devices it can find on your network including other computers. When it displays a computer on the network all you have to do is "mount it" or mount the remote computers HD on your desktop. You do this by double clicking on that computers icon in the netowork browser. It will ask you for login and password or guest access. Fill in the appropriate information. If using name and password make sure youve set up your account on the remote computer via the Users & Groups control panel.

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