Novell 5 Printing in an IP environment

I have just set up a Novell 5 server with just IP as the protocol.

When it comes to printing to our Netport servers I cannot print.

Does the Server need to run IPX in order to access the print queues?

I do not want to have too many printers using IP printing (reserved for AS400 tasks).

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rogperConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here are the steps for creating an printer.

- Upgrade Netport with the latest firmware.

- Configure the Netport for IP-printing

- Use NDPS and create an NDPS printer
- Choose printermodel
- Choose Remote (LPR on IP)and type in your ip-adress for your printer.

- Type in the printername. It´s very important that you use this names.


This should help you!

Good Luck!

Which is the error you have printing on your netport?
It isn't necessary to use also ipx to print.
What means "i do not want to have too many printers using ip"?

bye DAN
TheCatManAuthor Commented:
The prints just sit in the queue. No error message.

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Let's backup.  If you have only IP bound to your server NICs, any device you want to communicate to must also have IP.  So, have you setup your printers to communicate using IP??  Also please respond to danilop's question.
With NetWare 5 it is preferred to used NDPS with IP as a transport protocol rather than the legacy queue/IPX based print services.  Many new network print server devices support NDPS directly by way of an inbuilt NDPS agent.  Older Intel Netports do not support NDPS directly, however, they do support the unix LPD/LPR protocol by running the line printer daemon internally (they may need a flash simm and/or firmware upgrade).

Connectivity to a non-NDPS aware print server is provided by an NDPS gateway which is loaded on a server.  The standard gateway that ships with NetWare 5 will allow connectivity to LPR printers or to legacy queue/IPX printers.  IPX and compatibility mode must be installed to use legacy print services.

NetWare 5 included NDPS documentation in the Readme.txt file, that should include configuring LPR on the NDPS/server end of things.
TheCatManAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys

Rogpers answer made me RTFM in more depth. I was getting confused with the differences with NDPS and old 3.x queues. I only have IP on the new server and was trying to mix queues with IP.

It is the first time for about 4/5 years I have had to set up a new server. And I hant appreciated how different 5 was verses 3.x

Thanks again

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