Key Viloation canceling post in OnBeforePost

Ok, so I have a TDBGrid, in the OnBeforePost event of the table (=TDBGrid.DataSource.DataSet) I ask the user a question, if they say no I cancel the post by calling table.cancel. This line is executed but I then get an EDbEngineError exception saying there is a key Violation, Violation of primary index constraint, cannot insert duplicate key in object table. The record being cancelled does not have a duplicate key anyway. Why is this happening? (I have tried raising an exception, which works, but closes the app.) I just want it to cancel and let the user continue. What am I doing wrong?
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hi tom,

try this in your beforepost-event

If the_User_Said_No then
  Table1.Cancel;  //Cancel edit or Insert
  Abort;              //Cancel the post

you must abort the post,
because the post goes forward if you don't abort it,
and the db-engine is after the cancel never be able for a post,
which causes in an exception
(the Cancel does not end the post)

boardtcAuthor Commented:
Meikl, cheers, that worked well. How do you recommend that I return the focus of the grid to the first cell, is returns now at the last cell where I pressed tab to go onto the next record (which called the OnBeforePost and resultant cancel). I tried resetting the focus but that has no effect since the grid is already focused, table.first does not work either. Thanks, Tom.
boardtcAuthor Commented:
Meikl, please answer to grade. Setting SelectedField worked for the above.

Regards, Tom.
good morning tom,

well, glad that this works,
good luck again,

meikl ;-)

puh, i've sleepy eyes, this morning

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