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How do you open files using C?

okay...i am pretty new and was wondering if someone could show me how to open programs with C...and set timers to open the programs at specific times.  I am really new at this and please!!!! I am begging of someone to help me :)

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#include <stdio.h>
FILE *fopen (const char *filename, const char *type);
/* will open files */

/* depending on what you mean by open programs, */
#include <stdlib.h>
int system (const char *string);
/* may be what you want */
This is highly OS specific, the 'system()' call should work on all platforms. Waht OS do you target?
What ? Clarify
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ofro, as much information as you can give will help everyone give you the best answer possible, as your question now stands, there's just too many things that can effect the answer.
What I mean is you'r reference to "and set timers to open the programs at specific times", can mean a lot of things; do you mean something like you want to use an application like 'Task Scheduler' to open the program that opens the files? Or do you mean the program that opens the files does it?
Do you want to open a program or open a file?

Open a file:

FILE *fp;

if ((fp = fopen("filename", "r")) == NULL) {
    return error;
} else {
   /* do what you need to do here with fp */

Open a program:

if (fp = popen("program_name") == NULL) {
    return error;
} else {
    /* if you need to send input or read output to the process
        do it here with fp */

These calls *will* work on all relevant platforms (solaris, win, hpux). You should check the documentation for specific details.
You should stay away from system in my personal opinion.

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ofroAuthor Commented:
Yeah...this was definitley better than the other answers and actually helped me alot considering that my question absolutely gave no description of what I was trying to do.  Good job!!!
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