Embedded Systems

Does anyone know of schools that teach embedded systems currently.
Please provide a URL for the school or program in the school.


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MatthewLAuthor Commented:
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what do mean with "teach embedded systems currently"?
embedded systems generaly?
designing embedded systems?
designing software for embedded systems?

MatthewLAuthor Commented:
Hi nil_dib;

I menat designing embedded systems - both hardware and software.

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MatthewLAuthor Commented:
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It depends on what you want to learn.

Maybe you should go to school and get an EE degree, or a Computer Systems Engineering degree.  At MIT, the class is taught by a few different faculty members: http://web.mit.edu/6.033/1995/www/staff.html , and the course itself is described at http://web.mit.edu/6.033/1995/www/home.html .

RPI is another esteemed school that offers a CSE curriculum.  See http://www.ecse.rpi.edu/ .

The University of Arkansas isn't really distinguished, but they offer the curriculum, too: http://web.cseg.engr.uark.edu/ .

I don't know where you live. Maybe you should go to the Meloburne institute of Technology.  See http://www.cse.rmit.edu.au/ .

There's lots of vendors who offer extensive education in their given products. WindRiver, for example, has lots of training available for their tools.  See http://www.windriver.com/.

Most companies that have tools and products designed around the PC-104 form-factor have classes and consultants that can help you, too.  My favorite is WinSystems (http://www.winsystems.com/ )

A great book is "Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++" by Michael Barr, from O'Reilly. Obviously, this book is focused more towards the software side.

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You should make sure you attend at least one Embedded Systems Conference. See http://www.embedded.com/ .  That website also has subscription information about "Embedded Systems Programming" magazine.

Lots more embedded information (and links!) can be found at http://www.eg3.com/ . Three, you'll also find links to other vertical market-oriented conferences for different embedded platforms.

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MatthewLAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mikeblas;

Have you had any personal experience with the institutions you listed?

I know a couple of guys who were MIT grads. They are sharp guys, but they were sharp guys before they went to MIT. They both had great educations, but neither went to the CSE program.

I have a friend who got a CSE degree from Case Western Reserve University, also. He liked the school. (I didn't search their website, http://www.cwru.edu/ . My buddy graduated in 1992 or a little earlier--so maybe they don't still have the degree program.)

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