PC100/PC133 W/ 66mhz processor

I am considering a new system W/ a possible celeron slot 1, (for possible overclock potential).
Can I use either PC 100 or 133 with a bus speed of less that 100 mhz.

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
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JaysorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So far with all the SDRAM PC66-PC133 are backwards compatible with slower bus speeds. If you want to think about overclocking get at least PC100-CAS2 or PC133-CAS3 Memory. The CAS number is the latencly timing for that paticular memory.. the lower the better. Although you only PC66 for the current crop of Celerons, Intel will soon be releasing Celerons that support the 100Mhz FSB and then PC100 will be necessary to run at that speed. If you are not expecting to upgrade your machine for the next year then just by PC66 because if Intel has their way Rambus will be the memory of choice by the time you will want to upgrade. This way you could spend the few dollars you save on somethin else. But if you plan to upgrade in the next 6 mos. or want to overclock get the best/fastest memory you can afford, They will all work the celeron even at the default speed of 66FSB. If you want more detail please ask..

yes, watch the voltage on the 133
Yes, but it depends on the motherboard.  Some boards aren't compatible...but since you're going with a slot1 type board, all should be well.  As for the voltage...all SDRAM is 3.3v, so the voltage shouldn't interfere.  IMHO, PC-133 should be the best bet, since it will stay "updated" if you move up to 100MHz FSB or higher.
graham1Author Commented:
Thanks for the comments and suggestions!
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