lost on login?????

i've never used linux before and i'm not sure how to log in. when my system boots into linux, it comes to a point and say: login--at this prompt I type "root" the next prompt is for a password. I type the password i entered when loading linux. the next prompt is where i'm stuck:
[root@localhost /root]#           what goes here. I have no documentation on any of this so i am lost. any help is appreciated. Thanks  Dannie
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First thing I would do is buy a copy of "Linux for Dummies" at you local book store...don't let the title put you off, it is a useful first book for newbies.

But since you prbably don't have the book right now, you have to decide what you want to do since you are logged in. I suggest adding a non privileged account for yourself so you don't trash the system while you look around the files.

Try "useradd Dannie" and then "passwd Dannie"  Now you have a login other that root so you can explore.

You probably want to get Xwindows up and running (and you have to be logged in as root to do this) unsless you set up X as part of a RedHat or Mandrake install.  Try "xf86config" as root and play with it.

To start Xwindows after running a configuration program, logout of the root account and login as Dannie.  Type "startx" at the prompt and see what happens... if it all locks up (this could take 3 or 4 minutes on a 486sx with 8mb memory 00 a few seconds on a PII with 128 MB -- so don't panic too quick) you can usually get out with the "cntrl+alt+backspace" keys.

But play with it -- and get some books.
There is a HOWTO on this, also there are docs on this. They will be in /usr/doc.
cd /usr/doc/HOWTO and read the required documentation. To get something thrown to the screen use cat <filename> | more
For help try man <command>
startx, after configuration via xf86config will get you to a GUI.
If you need to read *.html from the command line and the GUI isn't working, use lynx.
Oh yes, while configuring Xwindows (i.e. running xf86config) keep your monitor and video card details handy.
Oh yes, follow bughead 1's recommendation and get linux for dummies (actually get their whole series), its recommended.
Otherwise try Running Linux (available at amazom.com, again O'Reilly).
I suggest you read "Linux" by Michael Kofler

ISBN number 0-201-59628-8

Its a great read and it will take you along step by step

PS> Its a great adventure.

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