How do I copy a file from Windows to linux?

I downloaded a file by using Windows and is saved into my windows hard drive,it's a linux file, I want to copy it into linux, can I just use a floppy disk to copy it?
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vishwas120799Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If the windows partition is just another partition of your hard drive, from where linux runs, you can mount it using the mount command.

mount /dev/hda<n> -t vfat <mount point>

The value of n depends on the partition number of your windows partition.

First create a directory called mount point anywhere and then run this command.

If you are able to do this using a floppy is not all that fast. But anyway here's how:

1. Copy the file to the floppy from windows.

2. if you are running redhat then you can just type

mount /mnt/floppy

and the floppy will be visible.

if you are not running redhat then you have to run mount with the following parameters

mount /dev/fd0 -t vfat <mount point>

Once the file is visible you can copy it from that location to any location
Hope this helps.

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