how to do setup program in vc??

How to do setup program in vc??
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ThomasaAuthor Commented:
I'm a newbie of 18!
need help!!
Create a new project. For a simple console application, choose Win32 Console Application. Visual C will create a workspace for this project. You can rename it or accept the default name. When finished, click on file new and select the type of file you want to create. When finished click on build choose the second option down. This will create your executable. Then build->Execute. Hope this helps
More details please!
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ThomasaAuthor Commented:
I meam how to make Install files??
Hi Thomsa
Typically, before you create a setup application, you create an INF file

 Open the INF and, if appropriate, append other INF files.

 Extract file information from the INF file.

 Gather setup information from the user.

 Create a queue.

Install files

 Commit the queue, specifying a callback routine.

 Update registry information.

Clean up

 Close the file queue and INF.

 Release any other system resources and end the program.

U want more info type Setup Applications in VC help U will get the step by step info


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If you're a newbie (like me!) then you
may not easily find your way thru all
the INF file stuff on your own.  There
are lots of folks selling install/setup
applications that provide an "easy to
use" interface to allow you to create
setup programs.  Many cost around $295,
but the one I'm using cost $49 and is
called 'INF-Tool'.  You can search
the net to find them -- I think the
website is  I think
its worth the $49...
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