Is this virus warning a hoax?

I received the following in the mail. Is it just another stupid hoax?

News about a deadly computer virus:
On December 25 you will get an e-mail named "lump of coal." do not open
 inside is a deadly virus. this is not a hoax. it was reported on the
 news. email this to as many people as you can,
  GET THE WORD OUT!!!!! >>

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Yes, it is a hoax.
Check out this link to Symantec's (Norton AntiVirus) AntiVirus Research Center.

and McAfee

always keep up with the latest viruses and virus hoaxes, so visit their sites often.


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In a way, the message is the virus ;)
Also, is the national clearinghouse for virus alerts and information. Never forward any virus alerts that haven't been verified thru one of these sites.

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This is a hoax.  This is not a virus.  Delete the email immediately.
I've heard that something like 10% of all email are these hoax messages- that's a lot of wasted bandwidth.

As KangaRoo says, these hoaxes are viruses in and of themselves, in that they waste everyone's time and waste bandwidth.  

CERT, Symantec, and others have security bulletins they send out whenever they find a new virus or security risk.  It's good to be on one or more of these to stay informed of the latest news.  


anthonyfAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone. Your answers and comments are most appreciated.
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