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Delphi / VB?

Could someone please tell me if Delphi is like VB in the visual way it is programed?
For example in delphi once you have added your buttons to the frame do you click the button add the code for what you want the button to do save,complie and run the program?
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dvd99Author Commented:
Can delphi make ActiveX controls?

The good news about Delphi, is that it is a Rapid Applicaion Development (RAD) Environment, as is visual basic..

So, Yes...This means that doing things in Delphi are pretty much exactly the same as is done for VB!

You can simply drag the necessary objects you want onto a form, and specify the code necessary for each event!

Compiling and running the program are slightly different in Delphi, than they are in VB in the following way...

When you run a normal VB program, VB basically creates a workable copy of it in memory, and runs it from there, without actually creating a compiled version...
However, Delphi actually compiles the program into a stand-alone executable file, and then allows you to debug everything else...The advantage of doing this is that the execution of the program is quicker, and you can then trap some errors, which would ordinarily bypass the debugger.

With regards to creating ActiveX controls, YES....Delphi does allow you to create ActiveX controls for either web deplorment for software distribution...You can create a formless ActiveX project, or something very similar to VB CCE...
Although the only catch is that the STANDARD version of Delphi does not allow you to create ActiveX controls...To do that, you must get either the Enterprise or Professional editions.


dvd99Author Commented:
Yeah thanks for that!!! You answered just what i wanted!!
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