install Linux in a NT system

Could I install the Linux system in a pre-installed window NT?
I have a intalled NT in C drive but I have a 4Giga d: drive with NTFS file system. Could I use this drive to install Linux?

What are the steps?

thank you

a linux beginner
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No you can't install Linux on a ntfs partiation. The best way would be if you use a second HD for linux. 2-4 GB should be enough.

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I know you've already Accepted the Answer. But....
There are couple of alternative way to install linux on existing OS.
Method 1. Get a program called system commander by V-COM
This program lets you re-parition your drive (even NTFS) and create a smaller parition for Linux without loosing data. This will even give you boot option so, you can pick your OS. This one cost under 80 bux

Method 2.   There is another company called VMware that make a software call Virtual Workstation. This allows you to allocate your Empty disk space and memory so you install os within Windows. Now you can run Linux or any other OS while you're in Windows. This Application is Cool.  This application cost me about 329.00 bux. You can download 30 evaluation.  Good Luck.
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