New to Coldfusion

Can anyone say where I can download free trail version fo cold fusion. So that I can work on it and buy it in the future.

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anushaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you will need to supply information to get a user/pass combination from allaire. Then you are able to download the CF evaluation copy.

Good Luck

shahulbashaAuthor Commented:
Yes ! I have seen this site yesterday itself. Can you help me what are the files to be download.

Because plenty of files are listed there.

downloaded item by me are :

1. ColdFusion Studio 4.0 Win Eval
2. HomeSite 4.0 Win Eval

   I want to know that this two downloads are enough or i have to download server also, please help me to start cold fusion very quickly.
you need to download the CF application server also.
next install server, then studio and home site (home site is not a necessity but a real easy interface to code in CFM).

Let me know if you have more questions.

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