Netscape+JavaScript+y2k ???

i'm using a javascript that is filling a text-field with a date when the user clicks on a day in the calendar displayed ! all is working fine as long as the user works with IE. using Netscape and clicking on a date in the next millenium, let's say 10th. Jan. 2000 he will get 10th. Jan of 100 !!!
Anybody knows a workaround ????
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aikonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are on the right way, tt happens too on JDK 1.0.2.

how does the javascript look like?
master0084Author Commented:
i tried to post the sourcecode but it ended in an internal server error ! no way ...
let me describe it:
1. create date object using :
 new Date(yearfromcalendar, monthfromcalendar, dayfromcalendar)
2. filling the fields value with the date-object
master0084Author Commented:
the error seems to occur while a try to get the year out of the date using:
The best workaround seems to be a quick math test -- if the year is less than 1000, assume that it's an error and add 1900 to the number. This won't work if your site actually anticipates years before 1000, of course.
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