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I would like to be able to produce a simple ActiveX component that I can run from my web browser.

I started off by creating an ActiveFormX and associated library using the wizzard (including the About Box). I the put a button on the form, and in the on click I called the about box ( ShowActiveFormXAbout ).

I tried running it, (I used internet explorer in the run parameters box), but intenet explorer opened and nothing happened. I then tried to Web Deploy it to a directory on my hard drive, but when I open the html file generated I don't see the form...just the cross indicating it is missing.

So I have two questions really:

1) How would I go about testing and debugging my simple application?

2) How do deploy my simple application?

I'm sorry if these seem really stupid questions...but I'm pretty stuck!

Oh yep...i'm using Delphi 3 Professional and IE5.


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1) There's one trick I use. I first make a normal application and test it totally (form1).
Then I make an ActiveForm aplication with the Wizard and add"

procedure TActiveTestForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
childform := tform1.create(self);
childform.parent := self;
childform.align := alClient;
childform.borderStyle := bsNone;
childform.visible := true;

The original application' form is now viewed inside / as a child of the ActiveForm. This keeps everything seperated.

2) Your ActiveForm has to be registered. Run | RegisterActiveXServer. Besides this I remember something about a deploy textfile on the Delphi ceedee. There was something about including certain files, but I don't remember...

Good Luck!

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Bonus78: I have done exactly as you describe in D4 and D5 - it workled first time no problems. Perhaps you should see if you can try it out on D4/D5 so see if there isn't a bug/difference in the way D3 deploys the control (and yes, read deploy.txt on the CD!)


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