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I'm having some problems running some games on xmame 0.35. I've heard it changed the way it loads the games... I'm being able to run games such as Double Dragon just fine, but I can't get 1942 or Rolling Thunder to work, for example. Help!!
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biardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like you might have some older roms put out before xmame 0.34.

The following and other info can be found at:

Why doesn't a game work?

- Do you have the right roms or did you get checksum failures?
- Xmame version 0.34 and higher require PROM files that were not included in ROM images released before version 0.34. See the question on PROMs below for more information.
- For xmame check hte file gamelist.txt to see if the game is playable. Just because a game is included doesn't mean it is working yet.
- For xmess take a look at readme.mess maybe the system isn't emulated all that good yet.
- Some games require sound support. If you don't have sound support under your Unix or sound isn't supported by xmame/xmess under your Unix, try the command line parameter -fakesound.

What are PROMs?

-PROMs contain game specific information that used to be built in to mame in versions prior to 0.34. This information has been extracted and is now included with new versions of ROM files for games that require this information.

-If you want to use your current ROM files, you can obtain just the PROM images in one large file at: http://mame.retrogames.com

EatEmAndSmileAuthor Commented:
Just to add... xmame quits saying it can't load all the necessary files, but I'm getting my files from some reliable sources, such as classicgaming.com.
EatEmAndSmileAuthor Commented:
I understand, but I'm lost... I know 1984 works since the prime versions of MAME. I don't know about Rolling Thunder, though, but that' s a game I'm really interested into. Could you help me finding out if Rolling Thunder is actually emulated and if so, where are these PROMs I need? By the way, I couldn't find any PROMs on MAME's site. Which section should I follow?
Well, I looked around too.  They used to be there.  I might even have em at home on a cd somewhere.  But at any rate, rolling thunder is only like 345 kb and you might want to try to dl it somewhere else incase it is an old one.  Try here:


EatEmAndSmileAuthor Commented:
I didn't test it yet, but your tip about that site is surely worth it. :)

 Thanks, pal!!
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