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I'm a new user who just installed Linux.  Neither my video card nor my monitor were listed in the setup, so I attempted to install manully and didn't succeed.  My video card is an SiS 6326 and my monitor is a standard 1024 X 768 NEC SVGA.  How do I obtain drivers for these and how do I access the video configuration?
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KURGANConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try to execute the SuperProbe
it gives you the correct drive to use with your graphic card (if it is supported, of course).
Then try to make your XF86Config file with xf86config, Xco0nfigurator or XF86Setup, it deppends of the linux distribution.
Anyway i suggest you the use of the latest release of Xfree86. You can get it in
There is support for the 6326 in the newer versions of xfree86. What distribution did you install? If it has an older version of X, you will need to update it, or you will need to get drivers that work with the card. I think there are drivers available from Suse. Check at for infomation and links to further information. When using the older versions of the driver, I think there are some tweaks you will have to add manually to get it working right
swwelsh is correct.  you will need to download the newest xfree86 and install it.  instructions located on the home site.  afterwards, run either Xconfigurator or xf86config to get it up and running with X windows.  That will allow you to set up your vid card and monitor.
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Next time you propose an answer, you should have something new to add.  swwelsh should get the points for this one if it is solved.  After all, he got to it first.
Have you execute the SuperProbe command?
Next time you add a coment, make sure that
you have do something.
If Swwelsh was be in rigth and you doesn't need help, why conntinue adding comments?

If you get it working please post your method. I have tried a few but can not get above 8bpp.

There are a couple of XF86_... releases:
XF_Com.SiS and a newer XF86_SVGA. I've tried both and have tried tweaking the XFConfig also.

Good Luck
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