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VB6 DriveListBox-Show only Fixed Drives

Is there a way in a drivelistbox to only show the fixed drives in VB6?  I only want the fixed drives to be available to the user, not mapped network drives or others. Any help greatly appreciated.
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1 Solution
you could..
Add a reference to scrrun.dll

and use something like this..

Private Sub Drive1_Change()
Dim fs, d, t
    Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set d = fs.GetDrive(Drive1.Drive)
    Select Case d.DriveType
        Case 2: t = "Fixed"
        'your stuff here
        Debug.Print "fixed"
        Case Else
        MsgBox "Drive not available"
    End Select
End Sub
Other way, make drivebox invisible
loop thru and move only fixed drives to a visible listbox.

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