Radio links

I am looking for information about radio link usage, radi link projects, technical solutions, costs, and sites.

I am also interested in 'your' company solution.

So, I will thank anyone, whou could help me with some information and project sketches.

Thank you.
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Basicly the way it works is the server has recorded the radio file, and breaks it into udp data chunks and sends them a to your computer. Your computer reads a few, plays them then saves them. Then it keeps going. There are several version but the most usefull one is realplayer, because most sites use it. You can get it at Micorsoft has its own, but it's name slips my mind. Then IBM of all people has one, it is called bamba. Almost no one besides IBM uses it, but you can get great online java toutorials at with it :-)
I am listening to one right now. I don't have much information on how it all works but I can give you one of the sites if you haven't alredy got it.
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