copy over FTP commands

following problem. On a FTP-Server there is a big file (600MB). On the FTP-Client (my PC) there are only 100 MB free.

The file on FTP-Server (source) is stored on \files\source\600MB.exe. I want to bring the file to the destoination (on FTP-Server) \files\dest\600MB.exe. How can I do this without get-the file and put-the file to my small client (and without help from the FTP-Server-Admin).

Is there a command like:
FTP> cp \files\source\600MB.exe \files\dest\600MB.exe

bye cbo
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Interesting idea, but I don't know any FTP client that supports this sort of thing.
rename [ from ] [ to ]
Assuming a GUI interface then just change the directory you save the file to.

Assuming command line:

cd \files\dest
ftp <machine>
FTP> bin
FTP> get files\source\600MB.exe
FTP> bye
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cbo120897Author Commented:
Ozo is right !

Ozo please answer with an answer to my question, I will give you the points.

If you have login & password to ftp (if not anonymous), you can telnet , and then ftp to another.

if server is anonymous ftp, (IE internet), you must have login on the box on which you vant receive, and then ftp the server from it; use login anonymous and any password

cbo120897Author Commented:
I can't telnet to this machine...

Ozo please answer again, you are right !!
If I understand the question right, this is what you'd need to do.

ftp> get source/file_a destination/file_b
200 PORT command successful.
150 ASCII data connection for source/file_a () (16 bytes).
226 ASCII Transfer complete.
local: destination/file_b remote: source/file_a
17 bytes received in 0.023 seconds (0.72 Kbytes/s)
ftp> ls destination
200 PORT command successful.
150 ASCII data connection for /bin/ls () (0 bytes).

Of course you'd need permissions to the destination area.
Just checking to see if my response helped?
cbo120897Author Commented:
no, ozo is right!

I would rename the file without download to my destination.

rename source/file_a source/file_b works great !!

OZO please answer again, that I can give you the points!!

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