Personal Web server with IE 4 or 5 on Win95 ?

I want to install Personal Web server on my home PC which has Windows 95 installed. I have IE 3.0 currently. I know that I need to install IE 4.0 or later version before I install PWS. I heard that there are some issues with IE 4.0 on Win95. Is it better to install IE 5 on Windows 95 ? Will this be a more stable environment ? I have Visual Basic 5.0 already installed on  this PC ? Does the IE 5 or Personal Web Server install affect any of the VB 5.0 components already installed ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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vchawlaAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
In my opinion, IE4 is much more stable than IE5 at this point.  I use IE5 due to some other dependencies and I would like to go back to IE4 but can't.

PWS, however, is independent of the IE4/IE5 question and you can go with either.  PWS is also independent of VB5.0.

In either case, I'd say move off of IE3.  It's very old at this point and lack many of the features you need these days on the internet.

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vchawlaAuthor Commented:
Just a little more clarification .  So its ok to install IE4 on Win95 ? It does not cause any problems ?

What about Visual Interdev 5.0 or 6.0 with PWS ? Are there any known issues that you know of ?

Thanks for answering the question.
IE4 works just fine with Win95.  My only recommendation is not to use the Active Desktop feature.  It's personal preference, however.

I'm sure that Visual Interdev includes some version of PWS.  I've never heard of any problems.
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