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Do you know how to increase the height of MenuItems in VB?

I am using VB5 and I've noticed that all my menus and menuitems are being drawn with a height of 14 pixels. This makes it difficult for me to add certain icons and bitmaps to them.

I checked my menus with those in other programs and I found that the heights of MenuItems in the VB5 IDE and MSOffice apps were all 16 pixels. However, in my project, I only get a height of 13 pixels. I came across another site where a guy said he had the same problem.

I tried using WinAPI functions to draw my own menus...but with no success (I'm still sorta new to this).

Please help...
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Jeremy_DConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The height of the menu can be set through the user settings of the Display Control Panel, and therefore should not be touched by applications, since they are system-wide settings. The VB IDE and MS Office apps their own control to display their menu's (CoolBar?) and therefore don't have to comply to the system-wide menu-height setting. That's obviously the solution for you too, simply use a control for the menu's. I think vbAccelerator (http://vbaccelerator.com/) has some nice ones.
I don't think that's possible, but what you can do is create your own menus using forms without borders...

Are the menus in your program different from the menus in VB itself?  Are they different from menus in other programs?

I think the menu font is standard throughout windows.  You can change it in the control panel/display/settings.
jusclevAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
jusclevAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link. The custom controls were very useful...

However, I still think there is a way to adjust the menuheight through the use of owner-drawn menus.

Nevertheless, my problem has been solved.

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