CObArray with different data types

I'm setting up a CObArray to handle multiple data types.  For instance I have a CLaser class derived from CObject and a CSerial class derived from CObject.  Let's say I place both of these objects into a CObArray object, let's call it m_DeviceArray.  Now I want to populate a list box on screen that will tell me what objects are in the array.  How could I do this?  How could I determine the object type on the fly?  I don't know what the object at element 0 is...or the object at element 5 is...but I want to "dump" the object onto the screen.
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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Call CObject::GetRuntimeClass. Note that this function requires use of the IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC or IMPLEMENT_SERIAL macro in the class implementation.
jstephe1Author Commented:
Thanks.  Now, to take it a little bit further.  Is there a way to access a data member within that?  For instance, if the CSerial class has a com port variable set to "com2".  Is there a way for me to get that data and place it on screen?
Yes, cast the pointer (CObject *) to CSerial *.
jstephe1Author Commented:
Thanks a lot.
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