Gateway Performance 600/Windows 98/Scanjet 6200C compatibility

I purchase a Scanjet 6200C approximately one year ago, which I connected to a Gateway P5-200 running under Windows 95. The combination worked flawlessly.

I recently purchased a Gateway Performance 600 running Windows 98. When I connected the Scanjet 6200C to it and installed the software, the system refuses to operate as it did on my original system. At best I can get one preview scan, zoom, and save to disk. The next time I attempted to scan I get an error message, "Sorry scanner could not be initialized."

The scanner is connected to the computer via the USB port.

HP tells me it is a computer problem and Gateway tells me it is a problem with the scanner. I reconnected the scanner to the Gateway P5-200 and it works flawlessly.

Are the ScanJet 6200C and Windows 98 not compatibile? Can someone tell me how to make the ScanJet 6200C work with my new system.

Bob Johnson
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Bob - welcome to the world of inconsistency on the USB port.  There are numerous reasons why this would happen.  For instance, the USB chipset on the motherboard for your PC changed.  The new chipset may not be so tolerant of a communication phenomenom known as jitter.  Previously known in the networking world, jitter affects all protocols which use packet transmission like USB and networking.  

Additionally, if the USB controller is hsaring an IRQ, the MAY be an issue.  This is not ususally the case, and is more common when the IRQ is shared with an ISA card (ISA architecture is not amenable to sharing) or if the IRQ is shared with another device that "talks" a lot, such as a network interface card.

The best choice - in my opinion - is to not struggle with USB until your hair is gray like mine, but to purchase a SCSI controller and use it to connect the scanner.  SCSI cards from Adaptec and Advansys offer a relatively inexpensive solution.  Web sites are and

Best of luck to you,  John
Sometimes USB is referred to as the Un Supportable Bus, as in there's not a whole lot of troubleshooting that can be done when it is acting up. One thing that might cause the scanner to act as it is is system resources, as Win98 allows many more programs to run in the background than 95, but also gives you a utility to keep these programs from starting. Go to START>RUN and type MSCONFIG in the open line. This will open the System Configuration Utility. Choose the Startup tab at the top and it will show you a list of programs that load everytime windows does, most of which are never used, seen, or needed. Windows only needs 'Scanreg' and 'Systray' are the only ones windows needs. The scanner needs StillImageMonitor, HPScanMonitor, and HPLamp, (which may not be there). Deleting temp files help as well. If that does not work, you can check some more things here on this site, call 208-323-2551 and speak with a technician from HP, or visit the HP Scanjet Cummunity Forum at:

One other thing that can be done is you can check for what are referred to as ghost drivers. These are drivers that list in the device manager in safe mode but not in normal windows. They can cause miscommunication and must be removed while actually in safe mode. I hope this helps you out. There is also a patch that restores USB communication between our scanners and a lot of computers. It is called SJ435en.exe. Load it and run it and see what happens. Have a good one.


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bobjAuthor Commented:
Both answers provided me with useful information and so both should be shown as 'Acceptable' answers.

I finally resolved my problem by installing a SCSI card as suggested by John. The scanner now appears to be functioning properly.
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