Delphi 4.0 Vs Visual FoxPro 6.0

I have to do an database application, can you tell which one of this language is the best in speed, easy creation of classes,....?
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I personally don't know, but I can probably tell you there is going to bit of bias if you post it in the Delphi area. =)
>I personally don't know

...for database applications, that is.
Delphi will give you a lot more windows functionality, easily connect to many different database formats, and a lot nicer development environment.

FoxPro handles foxpro table really well. Once you move away from foxpro tables performance takes a hit.
My biggest complaint with Foxpro is that you have the MS FoxPro window that sourounds your program. You can't remove this window it is always there. In my opinion it looks really unprofressional, like you couldn't make a program to run on it's own.
Delphi on the other hand only has the  windows that you create.

If you are going to use databases with Delphi you will need to distribute the BDE withit so both programs have DLL's to send out. Although with Delphi you can buy replacements for the BDE which compile into the program so there are no other dll's to send out with the exe.

Any other questions feel free to ask. We use both extensivly in our office.

AlJeAuthor Commented:
Bozo made good points -- here's some more detail.

One issue to consider is whether or not you really need an SQL server as a back-end.  If you need security, or the server to do your processing for you (i.e., send SQL to a machine and get a recordset back) such as when you have a fair number of concurrent users (say 20 or so), then you'll want to stick with Delphi which is built around that model.

Fox, using local tables, is faster, and easier to develop with in terms of the flexibility that you have with in terms of what you can do.  For instance, you can use the results of an SQL query modify them, take a subset of those records, etc.  If you're making an ad-hoc database app that you will use across a few new developers and maybe a few end-users, then it's a good tool.  You can stretch Fox doubt, and some people swear by it...but if I had to work with it in a team environment, I would go crazy.  If it's you making it, you'll appreciate Fox's flexibility (it protects you from memory leaks, learning curve is smaller, etc)

Classes are very easy to create in both, but Delphi has a much better development environment, so tracking your work is night and day easier.  Your user interface options are much better, with most of the components in Delphi being native Delphi code (Delphi was written in Delphi).  Fox uses active X controls extensively, which are notorious during installation.

You'll also have an easier time finding replacement developers to help you with the project in Delphi, from my experience, although that could vary by area.

Both are good for Internet development -- I've used both.

Hope that helps

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