OK, here's a story for you.

My ex-wife who is now married again, originally set-up here computer with my last name...yeah, she got that too.  Anyway, everything on that computer has my name on it.  This includes, most importantly, the "from" in the e-mail header for outlook express.  Is there a quick and easy way to change all of this information from lets say "Jane Doe" to "Jane Smith"   TIA

I'm not sure if this is really worth 100 points, but I'll give you 200 if you can help my girlfriend off my back.
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nailoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Backup the Registry

Click START button and select RUN

enter the command REGEDIT to bring up the registry editor.

Go through the left pane, as if you were in Windows Explorer, to

In the right pane, select REGISTERED OWNER and press (enter)

At this point you can either type in the name her name or press
      (delete) to leave the name blank.

Press (enter) exit the registry editor and reboot Windows

You may have to also go and find each program that is using your name and do the same thing.
recover the Hard Drive, end of problems.
bilcreteAuthor Commented:
recover, as in get back?  I said quick and easy.  That way has lawyers involved. And that's neither.
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How much do you dislike your ex-wife? Given that the software was registered to you, I would suggest that you clean the disk and then let her reinstall the software. This will free you from any legal obligations that you may have and continue to have as it pertains to legally registered software. A divorce decree may give her the PC, but it cannot transfer software as it is a binding contract between you and the devloper. It would only take 15 seconds or less to wipe it out!
bilcreteAuthor Commented:
hey nailo, looked up your info.  New to the group.  Welcome.  Good answer, help me with one thing if you would...for the other 100 points.  This one will get my girlfriend off my back.  Where in the registry does outlook store the "From" info.  ie  my handle internet wide is bilcrete.  my e-mail address is bilcrete@primary.net.  When mail is recieved, the "from" that is shown to the receiver is bilcrete.  On my ex's it is "Jane Bilcrete"   Where would I look to get that changed. I looked and didn't see anything that I thought would work.

Also, and don't take this any any way other than how it is intended, constructively, when you post an answer, post it as a comment, not an answer.  That allows me to pick and choose the comment that I find appropriate with out failing yours.  It's better for you that way.  Also, put some information about yourself in there...TIA
bilcreteAuthor Commented:
found it, must have been asleep the first look though...thank you
Yep I sure am new to this site. Sorry about not making a comment first. I guess I will learn as I go, but will pay closer attention to my responsibility while on this site.

I have enjoyed reading the many things posted and the many things said by all of you. Hope I can be of help in the future and hope I can get help in return.

As about me, I'm just an Old Man who works for a Large Electric Utility Company in the Midwest. Have always admired people with the skill of troubleshooting and repairing PC's. Hope to some day be a benefit to others.

You all take care and if I have an Idea will express it graciously as a comment.

Happy Holidays.....
I'm certain you'll do fine Nailo!
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