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Tower of Hanoi - LISP

Is there any expert out there know how to do the problem for tower of hanoi using LISP in a non-recursive manner ?
I have the solution for recursive one but I'm having problem to do the non-recursive code...  help ...

(defun towerofhanoi(a)
  ( move 'A 'B 'C a ))

(defun display ( from to )
  (princ "Move Disk From Peg ")
  (princ from)
  (princ " To Peg")
  (princ to)
 (format t "~%")

(defun move ( from to via a )
  (cond ((equal a 1) (display from to ))
        (t (move from via to (- a 1))
           (display from to)
           (move via to from (- a 1)))))
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You could either count the zeros at the end of a binary counter, or constrain alternating disks to move in opposite directions.
suelowAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry... can't really understand.
See http://obelix.ee.duth.gr/~apostolo/TowersOfHanoi/ for detailed discussion
recurcive/not recursive algoritms
and C-code (not List, but i hope, you
can easy convert to to List).
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In my comment List->Lisp(of course).
suelowAuthor Commented:
Can anybody give me some sample code.... please.... I'm too busy to figure out... still got project to do...
suelowAuthor Commented:
I know it's sound lazy... but I really don't have extra time left...

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suelowAuthor Commented:
Thank you Alex...
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