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How does Internet Explorer display animated gifs. For example if you open an animated gif in Microsoft Paint or Photo editor you only get the first frame.

So the question is what mechanism is involved here.

Win C or C++ Please.

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each animated GIF contains several frames. Microsoft Paint & Photo editor are not animated GIF aware, so they only display the first frame. Get a program such as Graphic Workshop Pro, etc if you want to create, view or edit animated GIFs.

Now, to the coding part of your question - If you want to cause a browser to display an animated GIF, or to create some HMTL cotaining an animated GIF, the procedure is no different than for a standard GIF (the browser does teh tricky stuff).

If you want to - say - display an animated GIF on a Tcanvas or other GUI object in your program & animate it yourself ...  go to and get the file format. From that, you should be able to pick out the individual frames & display them one after another, with a suitable delay between.

Hmmm, if using Delphi or Boland C++ builder, it is possible that someone already created a component TanimatedGif.
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A control for displaying animated gif images

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