How do I set up my Adaptec AIC 7880 to recognize 6300C

I have the following set up as described by AIC-7880 Ultra/Ultra Wide Scsi card:


Shouldn't I see an Id be Allocated to the Scanner?
Why does no such setting show. How do I know if
the scanner is functional? Self test??? There little docs on this!
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rssdds121599Author Commented:
I would like to see better installation documentation and support options. I am a bit disapointed that I can not just
buy a product set the SCSI ID and then have it work
Why the ^%# does it have to be the terminating device which
according to some help information I read needed
But Frankly I forgot how to do this with SCSI. The external
connector which I used to use for hard Disk drive  should
have been usable for the the scanner. Yet this appears to have
special needs which require extra effort I wish I did not have to
The SCSI ID is set on the 6300C by pressing one of the front buttons in and watching the blinking green light inside.  The number of blinks = the number of the ID, so 5 blinks = ID 5.  Based on the information above, you'll want to set it anywhere but 0,1, or 7.

The reason that the scanner may not be recognized could be your SCSI cable.  Since you have an AIC-7880 chipset I am assuming that your SCSI card is from Adaptec.  They have special adapters and such for connecting devices and moving from 68-pin to 50-pin connectors.  If you didn't get one of these I'd contact them at or check your other posting.  I put telephone numbers in there.

The 6300C is self-terminating, so no need to worry there.  Typically, if the scanner light comes on when the power plug is inserted, the scanner is good.  I am not aware of any self tests, at least none is described in the readme or help file.
In the past, HP has assigned SCSI ID 2 as a default on their scannters, possibly it is set to 2 along with the second hard drive?


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rssdds121599Author Commented:
I actually got this answer from Mathew early the next morning
,however, I'll bet that next time the techie will you morse code

COME ON GUYS How much more would an LCD be really!!
At first I figured that the ID was handled automatically
WOW! How stupid could I be. Of course its the old undocumented Blinking light trick!!!

Really HP I would like to send this message to the guy who designed this blinking light selection method for the SCSI
ID and why oh why does it not suggest this in the error message
when it can not connect??
When the card cannot locate devices because of duplicate addresses, it would be the card that would generate the error message.  If the scanner cannot be seen because of duplicate ID, then it cannot generate a message.

The suggestion is good, but it would need to be made to the SCSI card manufacturer, not the peripheral.

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