How to select a row at random in MySQL

Is it possible to select a row at random in MySQL. If not, is it possible to select a row by it's position in the table?
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1. You can't select a row at random. You can generate a random number from your front end and then access that row.
2. You have to have the (primary ) increamental key on that table and then you can go to this record using where clause, e.g. select * from table_A where id = 10

Bad code often selects rows at random . . .  :o)

You could get the total # of rows, and then loop through the record set, going back to the begining if you hit the end early, and then after a random amount of time stop, and use that record.  The random primary key is good too theough, as long as you verify that your randomly generated key is a valid key.

bergsyAuthor Commented:
I have a primary key which is incremental. The only problem is sometimes rows get deleted. I could do a query and select all the rows, then pick a random row from the result, but it seems very inefficient. My front end is PHP by the way.

Maybe someone could post some 'bad code' :)
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Dim rs as recordset
Din d as database
Dim TopNum as Long
Dim BotNum As Long
Dim RndNum As Long

' Get the highest and lowest values.
TopNum = DMax("[ID], "tblName")
BotNum = DMin("[ID], "tblName")

' Generate some percentage of the span.
RndNum = (TopNum - BotNum) * Rnd
' TopNum - BotNum = range

' Add that 'percentage' to the lowest #
RndNum = RndNum += BitNum

' Get a record
Set d = CurrentDB
Set rs = d.OpenRecordset( _
   "Select TOP 1 From tblName " & _
   "WHERE [ID] >= " & RndNum


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bergsyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Brian,
Whilst not exactly answering the question, you pointed me in the right direction!
The 'TOP 1' part is absent from MySQL, but I looked at the fine manual & found a similar clause, 'LIMIT' which allows you to pick any row from a result set.
So, I can generate a random number ($rand) in PHP, then use something like this:-

SELECT * from mytable,
WHERE id=>$rand
LIMIT 1,1;
bergsyAuthor Commented:
Only average, as it didn't completely answer the question!
What you can do also is load a recordset into an array and use a random number as the index. That way your primary key does not have to be a number (for instance a product id like ABCD12345).
$query = "SELECT * FROM table";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$productInfo = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$numberOfResults = mysql_num_rows($result);
$randomNumber = mt_rand(0,$numberOfResults-1);
$randomProduct = $productInfo[$randomNumber];
Hi bergsy,

I always thought that you could select a random row with the following query:


You can also select more rows or add a WHERE-statement.

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