Promise Ultra 66 & Slackware v7 (2.2.13)

This is a taxing question.

    I'm having a bit of bother with my promise Ultra66. i'm running Slackware v7(v2.2.13) WITH the patch for the controller.  One gigabyte 6BXE Mainboard (v3.4).

On the primary IDEe channel i've got a Quantum FireBall 2110A 2gb (primary)
2nd channel is only a primary IDE CD (24x AKO)

now i've got this Promise ultra66 with 2 x 9gb Quantum KA's (both as
primary's on different channels).
And when I recompile the kernel with support for this thing it boots up and
shows all
the IDE channels loaded but it seems to hang when trying to access the
/dev/hda (Quantum Fireball 2gb) for the 1st time. hdparm says it supports
dma. And i dunno what to do now?!!?!? Has anyone had any problems with the
compiled patch?

Any and all help appreciated..


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I'm not sure about slackware, but I know Promise makes a driver for the Ultra66 card for Red Hat. I have the same card and had the same problem, until they finally released the Red Hat driver. Then it was ok.I heard for now they only have a driver for Red Hat since that is the most popular Linux distributor, so you might have to wait a while to get a working Slackware driver.
littleeAuthor Commented:
Well sry i guess i'm looking for an anwser not a reason.
I pulled this off the linux-raid mailing list archive, but basically you should make sure you have the unified ide patch (from /people/hedrick off any mirror) and it helps to have 2.2.14pre14 for some reason.  Call it magic.  :-)

let me know if this helps, or if you need links to mailing list archives, etc.


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littleeAuthor Commented:
Ahhhh I should off tried to Up the Kernel. DOH! (p.s. I haven;t tried it but i'm 99% certain that'll fix it - hell it fixes most driver issues.)
littleeAuthor Commented:
Oh BTW Jelaiw could u email the link for the linux-raid mail list. Ta

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