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USB versus parallel?

when choosing peripherals for my dell pentium iii, 450mhz, do i want usb or parallel (i have both). if usb is the answer, why????
1 Solution
If you are using Win98, and the peripherals you want are available in USB format, get them.  Here are the reasons:

1) USB is very expandable.  Unlike the parallel port which is luck to support a single device on it, USB can support many.

2) USB is fast.  Currently, it runs at up to 12 Mbits/sec.  At best the parallel port is 150-200 KBits/sec.

3) USB is plug-and-play and usually works pretty well.  I have a couple of USB devices, a camera, a scanner, and a USB ZIP drive and I can swap them in and out anytime I want to.  No rebooting.

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