6300Cse - How do I scan an image larger than the glass area?

Hi.  I own a ScanJet 6300Cse.  I am trying to scan an original image which is larger than the scanner glass area.  How do I scan in this image successfully without using multiple scans?  Is there a workaround or some kind of technique/utility to "knit" multiple scans of a large image which is larger than scanner glass area?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!
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Tex2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You will have to scan the different sections of the image and then use an image editor, such as adobe photodeluxe, and connect the images as well as you can.

Good Luck!
Unfortunately there is no real workaround for that particular problem, as it deals with the physical makeup of the machine. Cutting and pasting in programs like Adobe works, and an ADF (Automatic Documet Feeder) will scan in a legal sized piece of paper, but thats about it. Caere's Pagekeeper has a feature that will allow you to save multiple scans in the same file, but I don't know if that will help you or not. Hope this helps you out, have a good one.
What I'd probably do, if confronted with a situation where I needed a digital representation of an image that was too large to capture in one pass on a scanner I own, is to take the image to a copy shop that could make a reduced size copy of the image for me that would fit on my scanner bed. I'd then scan at a higher resolution than normal so as not to lose too much of the detail of the image. I wouldn't try to use an image editor to stich multiple scans together; I'd spend far too much time and experience way too much frustration doing it that way. The small charge I'd experience from a copy shop would be well worth the time and frustration it would otherwise cost me.

How big is the image that you want scanned?
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