PB 6.5 and Oracle 8.1.5


We are having problem using Oracle client 8.1.5 with PB 6.5, it's looking for whole bunch of dlls. But it connects with 8.0.4 fine.


PB 6.5 on NT
Oracle Client : 8.1.5
Oracle Server : 8i 8.1.5

Any suggestion? Thanks.
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jkotekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The 'OR8' interface works only with 8.0.3 Oracle client (you can select the database interface in 'DBMS' property of the transaction object or in the database profiles dialog.

There are several ways to solve this issue:

1) get the pbo8460.dll from Sybase tech support - it is a beta(?) of new PowerBuilder database interface for Oracle 8.0.4+ and 8i.

2) use the OR8 interface together with Oracle Client 8.0.3

3) use PowerBuilder 7 - it has O84 interface for Oracle 8.0.4+ and 8i

4) use ODBC

All this is because Oracle driver contains dlls with unique names for each version of driver (the Oracle ORA803.DLL is for ver. 8.0.3) and PowerBuilder DB interface (OR8) can't find the requiered dlls among 8.1.5 dlls.
This shouldn't be an issue in the future, because from Oracle driver 8.0.4 upwards the dlls will have same names - but you still need the pbo8460.dll from Sybase to connect.
What error messages you get (what dlls are missing)?

You are connection through a Oracle native interface, right (O84)?

Maybe patching to 6.5.1 might help.
iqbaljAuthor Commented:
1. First it looks for ORA803.dll (which comes with Oracle 8.0.3)
2. We have applied 6.5.1; it didn't help

Yes we are connecting through a Oracle native interface; that's what I belive.

iqbaljAuthor Commented:

Thanks...It worked.


PS: I had to apply 6.5.1 maintenence patch with the PBO8460.dll.
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