Missing background

I have the following page:


<title>New Page 1</title>

<body background="WB00486_.gif" bgproperties="fixed">


When I open this page by IE the background is there, but when CGI sends it the background gets missing. Why?

The CGI runs on Windows NT under PWS and what it does is opens the htm file, reads it and issues putchar() for every read character.
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WB00466_.gif is assumed to be in the same directory/location as the page since you have specified no modifier on the address.  Your script is probably operating from cgi-bin/yourscript.cgi, therefore the browser is going to request the background from cgi-bin as well.  

You need either to change to correct paths, move the background, or set a <base tag in your page so that the browser requests the background from the required location.

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alex1234Author Commented:
Thanks, jhurst!

I did as you said and it worked. However, now the background appears even if I remove WB00466_.gif from cgi-bin directory. It looks like the browser keeps the image somewere in a cache. Is there a way to tell IE not to do this?
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