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I am new to Linux(was a Windoze user) and although I have a good connection through kpp, KFM will not display websites.   I keep getting an error message stating that this URL was not found.   The websites are all valid and I get the same message through several ISPS.   What's going on?  
Any help gratefully received
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What happens when you try an IP address rather than a URL?
Yes, it sounds to me like you have not entered the DNS server entries into your /etc/resolv.conf file.  You just need to enter that file and add lines of the following form with the xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx replaced by the dns server addresses supplied by your isp.

nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Then type
   ndc start
at the command prompt.  It should already be started, but just in case.  Now, type
at the command prompt.  You will be prompter for a valid url.  It will then try to return the actual ip address.  If this works, netscape should too.  If not still, then refer to the following url for explicitly detailed info on hot to set up dns.


Good luck, and have fun with your OS of the future.

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Before you do that, try this:

Start kppp.
Click the Setup button.
Click the Accounts tab.
Choose your ISP account and click the Edit buton.
Click on the DNS tab.
Fill in the Domain and put in IP addresses for your ISPs DNS and a backup DNS.
Make sure the "Disable existing DNS..." box is checked.
Click OK, Ok.

Try it. If it does not work, try what biard suggested, but this is better if it works because it does not confuse your DNS when you are NOT connected.

Don't forget to make these changes for each ISP account you will use.

J Crouchet
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cliffhanger121599Author Commented:
Many thanks, you've put me omn the right track.   I had neither BIND or the NAMED DNS caching programs on my system.   I've installed and configured a DNS cache and some web sites are now displaying, but there is still a problem with finding sites i.e. the system works away for ages(56000bps modem), but shows nothing.   Also, I try to to go back through sites, KFM will crash and I'm left with no icons on the desktop, just the bt.panel.   Is this just a difficiency with KFM, and I need a proper browser, or is there another problem? I'm beginning to want Windoze back for the Internet, now that is a bad thing!

I have found that KFM does not properly suport some features. In particular, I was having exactly the same problem you describe when I hit a page with redirection. The easiest way to reset your Xwindows is to log off and log back on.

For serious browsing, try Netscape. It is free and very full featured. Under Windows I have not found Netscape to be a good choice but it is good under Linux. Not that I would accuse MS of intentionally engeneering Windows to make Netscape unstable, but...

Ok, so the next question is, what distribution are you using? If it is Redhat or a clone like Mandrake, you can get Netscape already bundled up as an RPM ready to install at http://www.redhat.com

Othesrs may have additional suggestions as there are many browsers out there.

BTW, the Mozilla project is about to release their first alpha. For those who do not know, Mozilla is the open source browser derived from Netscape. However, where Netscape was hacked and cludged to provide functionality Mozilla was a rewrite from the ground up. While they used the clever ideas in NS, the coding is clean, solid and well organized. Once the alpha is stable they will release a beta and, finally, a distribution.

Netscape plans to borrow freely from Mozilla (as is their right under the agreement by which they released the NS code) including the new, more stable rendering engine from Mozilla. This should improve both products. The bottom line is, look for good things from future releases of Mozilla and Netscape.

J Crouchet
cliffhanger121599Author Commented:
i am using Mandrake 6.1.   Can anyone help me with e-mail.   once again all the the details have been entered into KMAIL and it will not connect?   Any suggestions?

I just tried KMAIL and had no problem. Are you getting any error messages? What settings did you use under Network? Under network, what are the setings for your Account (do not include account name or password here).

J Crouchet
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