SCSI vs IDE adapter card

I recently bought a new computer.
AMD k6 III 450.
I ordered it with a hard drive and zip drive and cdrom.
I reinstalled my existing hard drive from my old system and would like to reinstall my old cdrom drive as well.
Unfortunately as you can see I now have 4 devices occupying my 2 dual cables.
Can I purchase an adapter card, PCI preferrable, so that I can put my other cdrom drive in?
If so, what format? SCSI or IDE?
Does my cdrom have anything to do with the format of the adapter card?
Somewhere down the road I would consider installing a tape backup as well.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, PTG
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in your case, choice between SCSI and IDE isn't the case: You must use your old cdrom drive's interface.

theoricly, you can use up to 4 IDE chanels = 8 devices. But I don't know is there any add-on IDE cards (which you can set for 3th-4th chanel). Even you find a device like this, I don't propose to use. You will be wery low system resources...

if you wish, change your zip drive to a paralel port or USB interfaced one. This will give you 1 more IDE device (for your cd or tape)

or, better way, if you can change your new HD to a SCSI one, you can purchase a SCSI adapter, you can connect your HD and TAPE to it. You can have total of 4 IDE devices (HD,CDROM,ZIP, etc) and min.6 SCSI devices (HD,CDROM,ZIP,TAPE, etc) depending your SCSI controller.

Yes, you can buy a PCI IDE controller.  I know JDR Microdevices
has a one for $60.  This one is a Ultra DMA, but you probably don't need that speed if you have older devices. You can probably find a cheaper one elsewhere.

All your devices are probably IDE.  If the cables that are in your system now fit all the devices, then they are all IDE.  SCSI devices have a different ribbon/pinout than IDE.  

Your motherboard has two controllers, which support two devices each.  The card usually has two controllers which also support two devices each. So with the card, you can have up to eight IDE devices.

If you have room to cram all that plus a tape drive, then it shouldn't cause that big a problem.  

As for how to do it, I like to put my hard drives as the first device on a controller, so it would be
Controller 0, device 0- primary hard drive.
Controller 0, device 1- 1st CDROM
Controller 1, device 0- secondary hard drive
Controller 1, device 1- 2nd CDROM

Then on the card
Controller 0, device 0- Zip
Controller 0, device 1- open
Controller 1, device 0- tape drive
Controller 1, device 1- open


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gcjacquesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info!
I am sure all my devices are IDE.
I have plenty of space for a controller card and devices and I have 4 PCI slots available.
I just wasn't sure of an IDE add-on controller or SCSI controller or how they all related.
Thanks again!  PTG
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