Masking in Notes

How to do Masking in a date field in Notes? I want to have a field(text type) so that date format can be accepted in DD/MM/YYYY format. But I want to protect the 3rd and 6th Positions of the field so that the user cannot enter anything in this position(I want to put a slash seperator later). How do I do this? i do'nt want to create seperate fields for DD,MM,YY.  
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Input Translation at the field level will do the trick -- the rigorous approach, independent of regional/date settings (to enforce DD/MM/YYYY specifically, in a text field, with the slashes explicitly):

@Text(@Day(@TextToTime(Fieldname)))+ "/" + @Text(@Month(@TextToTime(FieldName))) + "/" + @Text(@Year(@TextToTime(Fieldname)))

Of course, controlling the field is much easier if it is of datatype date, or you accept some of the format-strings in @Text().  And you will probably want to add Input Validation for error trapping.
vsprakashAuthor Commented:
I do'nt want to do concat on this field. Iam just trying to findout if there is an easy way out to Mask
It isn't a cat operation at all.  Input translation entirely resets the value of the field as it is exited or refreshed.  

Notes is not Access.  There are ways to accomplish essentially the same thing as masking, via input translation and input validation field events as I have described above,
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I think this question deserves a few more points.  But I'll answer anyway.

You can do a pattern match with:
  @Matches(DateField ;"??/??/????")

That will return true or false regarding the length of DateField and regarding the 3th & 6th characters.

Then, test the rest of the characters for numbers with this:
  @IsNumber(@Left(DateField; 2))
  @IsNumber(@Right(DateField; 4))

Finally, you can test for values in the normal way (i.e., @If(@Left(DateField; 2) < 13 & > 0)

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That's a fair enough approach for input validation... nothing like masking, though.  At any rate, it's unlikely to satisfy the question's author, who seems to be looking for some magic bullet without a clear understanding of Notes' events.
sk5t, could you clarify?  Maybe a better understanding of what masking is would help me.  I thought what I supplied was pretty much what he was requesting.
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