I have created an algorithem that can solve a maze.  And I was wondering if anybody knew were there was an algorithem in C++ that can create a random maze.
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/* */
#define P(X)j=write(1,X,1)
#define C 39
int M[5000]={2},*u=M,N[5000],R=22,a[4],l[]={0,-1,C-1,-1},m[]={1,-C,-1,C},*b=N,
c|1<<s;M[*d++=e]=f|1<<(s+2)%4;}else e=d>b++?b[-1]:e;}P(" ");for(s=C;--s;P("_")
)P(" ");for(;P("\n"),R--;P("|"))for(e=C;e--;P("_ "+(*u++/8)%2))P("| "+(*u/4)%2
He did it again ;)
Are you competing in the obfucated C-contest ozo?
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I think hhartman meant a maze to find a route through not code that looks like a maze :-)
hhartmanAuthor Commented:
can anyone help me I really need an algoritum that can generate a map into a matrix?
All help is appreciated
How do you describe the maze (datastructure and such)
hhartman, sorry that I reply (and not ethick to other guys), but we wont
you reaction! What do you think, what helps/not helps you?
Sorry again, Alex

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hhartmanAuthor Commented:
Your comments really helped.  From the sites I was able to use their algorithums to create one that suited my purposes.  I have been really busily lately and that is why I have not responded to you sooner
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