Screen went blank

Do you know why when suddenly my computer screen went blank with a gray color, and then the monitor turn off, while I can hear my system still running? Could it be the video problem or the hard drive?
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phoenix19Author Commented:
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howabout a little more info on your what you have done with it/to it lately.  I don't have my degree in mindreading yet... ;-p
right-click on your desktop, go to properties, then to 'screen saver' tab.  Check there down there 'Energy saving features of monitor'. a good chance is that your monitor is set to swtich off after a few minutes.
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phoenix19Author Commented:
my system will not run any more, until I turn it off then turn it on. I got 144 mg of ram. pII 233, 5gig hd.
Could you give us some more info, like what you were doing when that happened, were you changing the setting of your computer (resolution etc) or were you just running normal application?. Could you get back in again at all, or how far could you get to now when you log on?. That sort of things so we have some ideas to work on. For example, if you were working away and the screen just suddenly went, but later on you could logged on and use the computer again, then it went blank again, this may be because of the monitor overheated.
So please give us more details.
Is your system overclocked?  this can cause behavior exactly like you describe.

What type of video card do you have?
What operating system are you running?
What type of motherboard do you have?
You may also have a "powersave" setting in the BIOS, but, I agree with everyone else, considering we are not looking at your system, you need to give as much information as possible.
Sorry guy.  Sounds like the power supply or MB to me.  I have had similar things happen and your description matches.  Consider:

The gray screen and monitor turning off means the power that tells the monitor that the PC is on dropped to zero.  That is the gray screen and monitor shutoff symptom.  That can only happen if the voltage that the Video card supplys to the monitor drops to zero.  It is highly unlikely that the video card is the problem, since it is little more than a copper wire to the voltage that passes through it on it's way to the monitor.

What you hear is either the fan, or HD or both.  The power supply provides +5v, -5V, +12V, and -12V, as well as some various sensing voltages.  If one or more of these voltages (I don't remember which one is the source for the video "on" feature) drops, the HD, or fan, or both may continue to run on the other voltages.
  Good Luck
Could be the videodriver, i've had similar problems on a windows-NT4 workstation. After installing an updated videodriver the problem was solved! Check the website of your videocard-manufacturer for updates!

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