startup windows95

i am trying to reload my computer but he gives me the message:quit 1 or more applications to increase available memory or start your computer.
how can i fix that? i have pentium 100
DX4 with win95 on it.
please reply to
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Running_StoatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your computer is crying for more memory, your best bet is to upgrade...
Isn't a DX4 a 486 machine? or is this a pentium machine??

If he already has Win95 on it then why now does it need more memory before it can reinstall??

Why are you reinstalling Win95? Is there any reason why you cannot format the HD and make a clean install? OK if you have programs installed that you cannot reinstall then before you run the setup program hit the (Ctrl,Alt,Delete) and use the end task option to close everything listed there except Explorer then try the setup again
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