MFC Error Message.

Hi there.

I am getting an error message which says "An Unsupported Operation Attempted."

Please note that i am trying to stop one thread and try to create another one. At the same time i am doing some operations to Tree Control also. Also i am creating some MFC standard controls dynemically.

Please let me know why and when one should get this message. And how to eliminate that. Also note that this is just an informative message. It doesn't stops the applicaiotn. Though, application gets slow down after that.


- Amit Engineer.
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MFC puts up this message box when a CNotSUpportedException is thrown and nobody catches it.

You need to one or both of these things:

1) Find the cause of the exception and correct it.

2) Add an exception handler around the code which might throw the exception and deal with the error appropriately.

..B ekiM

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ave_15Author Commented:
can u pl. give me some hints to do that ? i mean, how to go for it ?
1) Put a breakpoint on AfxThrowNotSupportedException().

2) Put a breakpoint on CNotSupportedException's constructor

3) Run your app

4) When either breakpoint is hit, look at the call stack to find out which operation threw the exception.

..B ekiM
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ave_15Author Commented:
Sorry, sir,

But, i am getting this problem only in release version.... Sorry, i should have informed you that ealier.
Then you need to:

1) Create a new build configuration, based on your release build

2) Add debugging info in the C/C++ tab

3) Enable debugging info in the Linker tab

4) Build

5) Debug as I explained above.

..B ekiM
ave_15Author Commented:
Thanx... a lot.....
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