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Resync Recordset

I'm trying to resync a recordset with this piece of code :

Private Sub cmdAccept_Click()
    With DtEnviromentFly.rsFly_table_Grouping
        !User = cmbName.Text
        !Group = dtUsers.Recordset!Sector
        !Local = txtCompany.Text
        !Return = txtDate.Text
        !Extension = txtPhone.Text
        !Contact = txtContact.Text
    End With
End Sub

. Two things are not working :

1st .: I can't access Fields above with a shaped recordset (runtime error).
       See Shape Command :  SHAPE {SELECT * FROM `Fly`}  AS Fly_table COMPUTE Fly_table BY 'Group'
       See Hierarchy Info : rsFly_table_Grouping

2nd.: If I use another data control to Add a record, my rsFly_table_Grouping recordset doesn't resync (runtime error - insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing).

What do I need ?

1st.: Access fields on Fly table using the rsFly_table_Grouping recordset.

2nd.: Resync MSHFlexGrid - MSHFlexFly

1 Solution
1) I don't think that you can add records with your "rsFly_table_Grouping " recordset.
2) Try to use Recordset.Requery metod ( not Resync ) to refresh your MSHFlexFly.
3) After requery you have to rebind your MSHFlexFly

Set MSHFlexFly.DataSource = nothing
MSHFlexFly.DataMamber = ""
MSHFlexFly.DataMamber = "Member"
Set MSHFlexFly.DataSource = DataEnv..

I hope it helps.


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