Plugins for VB programs...

How would I be able to allow my program to use plugins? ie, the user gives the program a plugin's filename and the program incorporates it into itself...

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CalistairAuthor Commented:
The program I'm trying to write here is a File Transfer program, and I want it to be able to use plugins designed for it.
Are you asking about some built-in visual basic feature?
CalistairAuthor Commented:
No no, I'm asking about making plugins for VB projects...
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You need to define an interface class, and the plugins will have to implement this class. The rest is simple:
1. The plug-in programmer should compile its plug-in as an ActiveX DLL, and provide you the name of the class he chose to implement you interface.
2. You should define a variable (let's call it objFTP) of type IYourInterface (the name of your interface). If you want the interace to use events, it should be a class or form module variable and declared WithEvents.
3. Point the variable to a new instance of the class using CreateObject function in the following way:
Set objFTP = VB.CreateObject("Mylib.MyClass")
4. Use the object you have just created using all methods, properties and events represented by the interface you have created.
any question?

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the CreateObject function is part of the VBA library rather the VB library.
CalistairAuthor Commented:
You are amazing! :) Thanks!! However, instead of declaring objFTP as an "interface class", it needs to be declared as type Object.

Thanks for the help, really! :)
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