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Soon I'm going to have my first web site. Now, I'd like to put a free downloaded application in the web site. My intention is to permit users to acces via their browers to that application/s. Is it possible ? If so, What should I do ? Do you know any company or anybody interested to help me (If necessary with a fee) ?
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rupertsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right put your file(s) in the same directory which your webpage is in.

Lets call your file myfile.exe.

In your webpage simply have...

<a href="myfile.exe">Download Myfile</a>

Hey presto you are all done!
jpocallesAuthor Commented:
You can contact to me :

I'd really appreciate your help.
jpocallesAuthor Commented:

 But then, is there any problem if many users are accesing the file at the same time ?
There shouldn't be any problems.
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