Wang/Kodak ImgEdit Control

I have created a VB app that utilizes Wang's (now Kodak's) ImgEdit control.  I created a setup program to install on various computers.  

The installation was successful on one PC but has failed on three others with the following message:  "An error occurred while registering the file 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\imgedit.ocx'".  

I have done some research on Experts Exchange w.r.t. this control.  One answer said that the Wang Imaging accessory, standard with Win95, has to be removed from the PCs in order for the imgedit control to properly install.  I did this but I still get the error.

Has anyone run into a similar problem and been able to fix it?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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przemekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I made setup with PDW. It includes only imgedit.ocx, but it is not enought.
Run Proces Viewer pview.exe with your program.
You can see some "WANG" dlls that are required:


You can also check imgedit.ocx with "Dependency Walker"

I hope it helps

We've had similar problems, but I don't think you'll like my answer.

According to the documentation we had on the Wang/Kodak control, we *SHOULD NOT* be installing that control from our setup program.  The control is installed only during the Win95/98/NT installation.

The way we worked around this problem is to allow the user to specify his/her own external image viewer if we don't find the Wang/Kodak control on the given PC.
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